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    Guilds Rules

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    Guilds Rules

    Post  Drake Reaver on Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:13 pm

    Guilds can be established by anyone at level 25 or higher with AT LEAST 25 in leadership skill as well.

    Moderators and Admins have instant enablement to create a guild, however.

    Guild leaders have certain perks to be observed:
    Guild Masters gain 4 Skill Points and 6 Attribute Points per level.

    However, only TEN guilds are allowed, otherwise everyone would abuse this system.

    A guild may have a maximum of ten members. This will be changed should Crossed Blades grow large enough!

    Guild Masters are allowed to join two guilds: Their own, of course, and they are automatically inducted into the Guild-Master only "Elemental Striders" guild.

    Other additions or ideas, post them here. I will consider them all fairly.

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