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    Tsenre Treewhackle


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    Tsenre Treewhackle

    Post  Tsenre on Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:45 am

    Level: 3 (+2)
    Name: Tsenre Treewhackle
    Age: 57
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Race: Human
    Class Type: Mage
    Weapon(s): Wands, staves, and the Arcanum of Magical Formulas.

    Description: Ernest "Tsenre" Treewhackle was a shoemaker until a mage wandered into his shop and set in motion a series of events that led to Ernest changing his name, becoming a magic user, and suffering a not inconsiderable amount of brain damage.


    Swordplay: 0
    Archery: 0
    Sorcery: 4 (+3)
    Healing: 2
    Necromancy: 0
    Thievery: 2 (+1)
    Information Gathering: 1
    Diplomacy: 0
    Hand to Hand Combat: 4 (+1)
    Unique Weapons: 2
    Leadership: 1 (+1)


    Strength: 4 (+1)
    Agility: 4 (+1)
    Endurance: 6 (+2)
    Accuracy: 2
    Speed: 2
    Intelligence: 1
    Magic Attack: 4 (+2)
    Magic Defense: 0
    Casting Speed: 2 (+1)
    Courage: 4 (+2)
    Swimming: 0
    Path-finding: 0
    Rock Climbing: 0
    Treasure Hunting: 1 (+1)
    Mining: 0

    Followers: Badger, the magical familiar badger.

    Not much is known about Badger. Tsenre accidentally summoned him in an attempt to conjure up allies in his first fight, and as a result of the spell, Badger is now bound to Tsenre as his familiar. His true name is unknown, and given his knowledge of magic, this isn't his first time serving as a familiar. Badger's appearance is somewhat mundane; he has black fur with streaks of white, and is otherwise identical to a normal badger with the exception that he can talk. His combat capabilities appear to be limited to the standard badger fare of biting and scratching, but he prefers not to fight when possible. He instead prefers to serve more for guidance or small chores.

    Lisirina Fildon, the female elf.

    Lisirina, or "Liz" as she prefers to be called, is an alchemist sent from the city of Alvar on a mission of supposedly great importance. She is skinny with large rimmed glasses, and carries a satchel of alchemical supplies and compounds. She is almost always wearing a leather apron and a pair of thick leather gloves, staples of her profession. She has been tasked with creating a compound that can dissolve the earth without damaging plant matter. Her first attempt at this resulted in a rather large forest fire and the combustion of at least one dwarf however, so the council saw fit to send her to the city of Sacriana to continue her studies where she couldn't ignite anything too important. Currently, she travels with Tsenre less out of will and more out of attempting to escape from her landlord Gregan, whose wall she managed to deconstruct, and then accidentally reconstruct out of contents of his house.

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