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    The Race List

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    The Race List

    Post  Drake Reaver on Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:19 pm

    Race List: Being a certain race does not neccesarily mean you're better at something else than another race. For example: A halfling could rip a mintoaur in half if the halfling has higher strength... races are basically here for fun.

    Humans: Most plentiful race. Usually prideful.

    Halflings: Short humanlike race. Sometimes called "beardless dwarfs."

    Dwarfs: Bearded creatures (even the females are bearded) about half the size of humans.

    Lizardmen: Amphibious, sneaky race. Some are nice people.

    Elves: Ancient, revered race.

    Dark Elves: Enemy of normal elves, physically more powerful than an average elf.

    Trolls: Huge, grotesque race.

    Wolf Folk: Werewolves permanantly changed but still keeping their minds.

    Kitsunes: Foxlike men and women with fox ears and bushy tails.

    Nekos: Catlike people.

    Vampires: No. They don't sparkle, and it takes a special spell to prevent them from combusting in sunlight.

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